Listening Skills: How To Become Listening STARS

Learn how to become Listening STARS.
This video reveals the importance of becoming Listening STARS and how an Aretha Franklin song spells out some attitudes, behaviors, and actions that can improve your Listening Skills results.

Check out the one-hour webinar, Listening Skills: What Leaders Know and Use and We Should Copy that reveals:
* A quick listening skills test you can take to test your listening ability
* Roadblocks to Effective Listening
* Three Laws of Listening
* Five Rules for Better Listening
* The “Other 3 Rs,” The ones you didn’t earn in school
* Strategies for dealing with Amicable, Angry, or Argumentative people
Yes, a webinar with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t find at least one idea you can use to become a better listener.
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