The Spelling Bee Solution to a Pesky Business Problem

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Writer’s Block – a  Pesky Problem?

If you’ve never suffered from Writer’s Block, congratulations. Most people have.

And for many, it took the form of silent suffereing.

So, you ask, how can a spelling bee solve Writer’s Block .

First, we need to describe the Pesky Problem.

For many business professionals, a silent, time and productivity robber lurks behind the scenes – Writer’s Block.

Most people don’t even realize the problem exists until it panic sets in.

So what has this got to do with Spelling Bees?

Think about the steps a successful speller uses to compete and win.

Imagine yourself in the audience and your 11 year old is the next speller.

Successful spelling bee contestants use the same five-step strategy. Some only use four.


Ask for additional information

Contestants who use the five step approach ask for additional information. They are allowed to ask for:

* a definition of the word
* use in a sentence
* part of speech
* language(s) of origin
* alternate pronunciation(s).

So, you ask, how can you tie this process back to Writer’s Block?

I think Writer’s Block causes a problem when:

* Productivity dips
* Frustration mounts
* Confidence drops
* Procrastination set in
* Time wastes away

You know the problem is solved when you know you:

* Get your life back
* Impress your boss
* Win more clients
* Make more money
* Get more done

Let’s review the Spelling Bee steps to see how they apply to Writer’s Block.


When you become aware of the five problems above, you need to listen to your body.

You start to feel uncomfortable because you know you could have done more or could have done better to avoid those problems.

Your body sends your brain messages that the next time, you will be prepared for this mental lapse.


At this point, you start to think of things you could have done or should have done to get the writing project done on time or better.

You start to wonder how you let Writer’s Block get in your way. You’re an intelligent, educated person. But you still haven’t mastered the overthrow of a tyrant that has haunted you since high school.


Here’s where you now have an advantage over that 11 year old contestant.

In the Spelling Bee, you have only one right way to spell that word.

With Writer’s Block, you can draw on at least thirteen ways to overcome this enemy of productivity and time.

Visualize all the techniques you learned in Al Borowski’s webinar, Writer’s Block – Gone Forever where you discover
Quick and Easy Ways to Keep Your Ideas and Words Flowing.

One of them will get you out of this paralyzing funk!

Ask for additional information

Because Writer’s Block will be gone forever, you won’t need any additional information.


Now that is a refreshing idea – sit a spell and relax.

You no longer experience the anxiety and pressure Writer’s Block normally brings. So, you can either sit back and relax or get your next task or project completed ahead of time.


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