Communication Skills: Are you a Looker, a Talker, or a Toucher?

Preferred Learning Style

Are you a Looker, a Talker, or a Toucher?



Academics like to throw around words like Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

So, you have a choice.

You can use three or four syllable words or one or two syllable words to mean the same thing.

Simply stated, people like to discover new ideas using their Preferred Learning Style.

Some prefer to learn by seeing, reading, and observing. Do you see what I mean?

Some prefer to listen or talk through ideas and concepts. Hear what I’m getting at?

And some want to touch and be involved physically and mentally in their discoveries. They like to “kick the tires.”

Some people rely on only one learning style; others enjoy using two or maybe all three.

Did you ever wonder about that kid in high school who never took a book home and always got As on exams? Chances are pretty high he or she did all three in class and had no reason to study at home.

My wife is a complete Looker.

In the past, I faced challenges communicating with her.

I often started conversations by saying,” Marylou, listen. We have to talk about this. Do you hear what I’m saying?”



Now that I know that she is a complete Looker, any time I want to communicate with her I would say, “Marylou, picture this. Here’s how I view the situation. I think we need to look at it from all angles. Do you see it the same way I do?

Actually, while I am making these statements, I am moving my hands in front of her to form a frame around my words.

The results?


We’ve got three kids. One of each.

We were blessed with a Looker, Talker, and a Toucher.

And, we quickly learned that dealing successfully with them meant communicating on their preferred learning style.

Do you know your preferred learning style?

Would you appreciate a website dedicated to your preferred learning style?

Now, you have a choice.

Please check out and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

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