Creating IMMPACT When You Communicate

Creating IMMPACT When You Communicate

Special Report

You’re talking. But is anyone really listening?

 You’re writing. But does anyone get your message?

 You’re listening. But do you understand the meaning the same way as the person speaking?

 You’re presenting. But are you connecting with your audience?

 Uncertainty in answering any of these questions means IMMPACT is missing in the communication process.

 Let’s look at this another way.

 Do your IT people really understand what the users want versus what they need? Is your sales force at war with customer service?

Are Marketing and Accounting on the same page or even in the same book?

This action-packed, value-laden, strategy-filled Special Report will show you and your organization how to add IMMPACT when you communicate.

 Yes, IMMPACT contains two “Ms” on purpose.

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