An Interesting Way To Start the Week Issue 1

Here’s Issue 1

How Haiku Can Improve Your Professional Skills


Imagine that you just graduated from College as a brand new English teacher.

Two weeks before school starts, you receive the curriculum that states that your job is to teach seventh graders how to write 10 sentence paragraphs.

The problem is that no one ever taught you how to write.

They taught you how NOT to write.

Remember all the red ink?

Problem solved.

I introduced my students to Haiku poetry as a different way of thinking and writing.

Good writing needs to be clear, concise, correct, complete, and conversational.

The same is true of Haiku.

Although the traditions and forms of Haiku vary by definition and cultures, I began with the simplest and easiest form to learn and use.

Although the original and contemporary Japanese approaches varied greatly, I taught the students to use the traditional English form that consisted of 17 syllables. The first line contained five syllables, the second had seven syllables, and the third had five.

To allow the students a broader base of topics, I skipped any requirement of a focus on nature.

This taught them to be clear with their writing. To be effective, they needed to create a picture using words.

It taught them to be concise. They only had 17 syllables to express their ideas.

They learned the meaning of being correct. They had to follow the 5, 7, 5 pattern.

They needed to check every aspect of their creation to make sure it was complete. The task required the poem to allow readers to see a picture, a moment in time, or an idea in the constraint of a specific pattern of no more than 17 syllables.

Because of the constraints on syllables, they developed a more conversational tone. It forced them to write, “use” rather than “utilize” and “model” or “pattern” rather than “paradigm.”

Each Monday, you will receive 17 syllables to help you get your week off on a positive note.

Obviously, you won’t need to re-read the introduction every week.

I leave it in the communication for the new folks that I hope join us each week. That’s where you come in.

Please let others know our little secret.

Here’s Haiku NumberĀ  1

A weekly Haiku
fills the heart and soul with thoughts
of inspiration


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