E-mail Effectiveness Test

Welcome to the E-mail Effectiveness Test.

The questions below will help you discover your e-mail IQ.

If you use e-mail as a business tool, you need to know the answers to all of these questions.

Otherwise, your Image, Results, and Security can suffer.

Check out the questions and see what I mean.


1. What three valuable Personal and Organizational Assets are at stake each time you send an e-mail?


2. List three jobs a powerful Subject Line must perform.


3. The people who are listed in the “To” area are people who

(a) ______________, (b) __________, (c) ___________, or (d) ____________ your e-mails.


4. What does CC mean and how do you use the CC correctly?
Hint – It doesn’t mean “Carbon Copy.”


5. What does BCC mean, and how do you use it correctly?


6. Why is “Reply to all” the most dangerous button in e-mail?


7. State one general rule for the e-mail Greeting.


8. What are the four important jobs of a Topic Sentence?


9. What is the maximum length of a Topic Sentence?


10. What three jobs do Bullets perform?


11. What universal key should you use in creating Bullets?


12. Why should you avoid using the “Tab” key in e-mail?


13. Name three general rules for using Headings correctly in e- mail.


14. State the two main jobs of the Close in e-mail.


15. What is the most effective way to use a Signature File important in e-mail?


16. State a general rule for using Attachments in e-mail.


17. State a general rule for using the Reading Pane or the Preview Pane.


18. State a general rule for using the Spelling Option.


19. How many Words per Sentence should your average in paper documents?


20. How many Words per Sentence should your average in e-mail?


21. Why should the average Words per Sentence in e-mail be different from the average words per sentence with paper documents?

22. What Universal Font should you use with your e-mails?


22. Do you know how e-mail is being used to foster Employee Discrimination?


24. What Words should you avoid in e-mail messages?


25. What one word would you use to describe your use of Bold Font, Underlining, Italics, Color, Emoticons, and Abbreviations?

How did you do?

Did you get them all correct?

If you did, congratulations!

I’d welcome receiving e-mails from you.

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