E-mail Marketing Greeting

Stop Sending “False Personal” E-mail Messages.

E-mail marketing is a tricky and exacting skill.

Most e-mail marketing gurus tell you to take a personal approach to your messages.

The more the recipients think you are writing to them specifically, the better your chances of developing rapport and receiving orders.

They advise using the person’s name at strategic spots to increase that personal approach.

Sometimes this works; sometimes this makes you look contrived or even silly.

Here’s an example.

Dear Al,

As many of you know I have conducted Business Writing workshops and webinars for the last 15 years.

Did you catch the three obvious errors in that Topic Sentence?

E-mail Marketing Error # 1

The greeting says, “Dear Al.”

The first sentence starts, “As many of your know.”

If you are going to use the person’s name in the greeting, you should write, “As you know.”

When you say, “As many of you know,” you are telegraphing a “False Personal.”

You are coming off as a phony. You are using my name to catch my attention with your personal appeal and then addressing me as one of the “many.”

E-mail Marketing Error # 2

After you have said, “As many of you know,” or “As you know,” you need a comma after the word “know.”

Sloppy spelling and incorrect punctuation confuse your readers and translates into a lack of attention to detail on your part.

E-mail Marketing Error # 3

This Topic Sentence talks about you. It does not begin with anything that vaguely resembles a hook that is a benefit to the reader.

You definitely need to say something of interest to the readers to prevent them from thinking:

“So what?

“Who cares?”

“Big deal.”

When you start you message talking about yourself, those would become the normal responses.

That first sentence must elicit a thought like:

“Really. Tell me more.”

“Now that’s interesting.”

“I could use something like that.”

Using the readers’ names, when used properly, helps you connect.

When used incorrectly, it becomes a distraction.

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