Customers Are Never Wrong

“Customers are like my wife. She is never wrong and when she is, it’s my fault.”

I know, I’m in trouble.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old expression, “The customer is always right.”

I know all of you realize that that is an outright lie.

Let’s face it.

Sometimes, the customer is wrong. That doesn’t matter.

The customer is always the customer.

That’s the important part. The customer is always the customer.

Focus on what’s right, not who’s right.

You may be right and the customer stops buying. Now you no longer have a customer.

In most instances, I’d rather be wrong and still have customers.

Yes, you do come upon the occasional whacko whom you wish would go away.

But, for the most part, customers are people with opinions, stresses, problems, and pressures.

Take a positive attitude and do a Clint Eastwood on them.

Go ahead, make their day.

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