Customer Service: Three Telephone Tips Communication Skills Tip # 6

Customer Service, provided on the phone, requires common sense and common courtesy.

To save time, build rapport, and provide exceptional customer service, you might find the following telephone
tips helpful.


Have you ever experienced the frustration of playing one of your voice mail messages four or five times?

When people speak too quickly or mumble their names and phone numbers, you need to replay the message numerous times to try to figure out who called or what phone number you were to call back.

So, when you leave a voice mail message, say your name and telephone number clearly and slowly at least two times.

You will be helping the person receiving the call and yourself because you will sound more professional and you will save time and get better results for yourself and the person you called.


Next, when dealing with customers on the phone, pretend you are sitting with them in their offices.

The chances are pretty good that if you did that, you would not check your e-mail, file a folder, or give hand signals
to one of your co-workers while talking with your customer.

You would probably totally focus on your customer.  Behave the same way on the phone in your office as you would in
your customer’s.


Finally, this telephone skill screams common sense and common courtesy.

Hang up last and gently.

Don’t throw, slam, or drop the telephone receiver on the cradle.

Many businesses still use the conventional handset phone or headsets.

Customer contact people should always wait for customers hang up first.

That way, you can be sure that the customers have completed their thoughts and are ready to hang up.

Be sure to return the handset to the cradle gently and softly.  Slamming or dropping the handset sends a piercing
sound through the wires and into the ears of customers who have not yet hung up.

The telephone is a powerful business tool.

Using it correctly and courteously keeps your customers happy and your image professional.

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