Customer Service Job Description: Items Sometimes Omitted

customer service job description item seldom addressed

customer service job description issue seldom addressed

A customer service job description should include this statement. “Show customers the same respect when their backs are turned as when you are dealing with them face-to-face.”

And, that statement should become an integral part of any customer service training program.

As an example of this customer service tip, consider the following incident.

I recently bought three items at a locally famous grocery chain and took advantage of their express lane.

I knew the gentleman in front of me had only one item to ring up because he had a store gift card in his hand.

In front of him, a gracious senior citizen was in the process of paying for her purchase when another senior citizen approached her. He embraced her and they both smiled warmly and commented on how long it had been since they had seen each other.

And they spent a few brief moments genuinely assuring the other that they were doing well and offered each other best wishes.

All of this soul soothing delight took about 35 seconds.

After the gentleman in front of me paid for his gift card, the check out clerk looked at me and said, “Why do these people stop and talk to people in line? Can’t they see I have a line of customers waiting to check out?”

That comment, to me, was not in the scope of a customer service definition.

This incident came only three says after having one store employee tell me, “Oh, they don’t know what they’re doing in that department.”

Belittling customers or co-workers in front of customers (or even other co-workers) shows lack of customer service skills.

In my mind, it also shows lack of proper customer service training.

Simple, common sense reminders like this should be taught, modeled, repeated and for any organization expecting to deliver excellent customer service.

Henry Ford is quoted as saying, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

That quote should be on the first page of every employee handbook and every customer service training manual.

The following quote appears on my e-mail signature.

“If you treat customers like Royalty, they will reward you with Loyalty.”

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