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Customer Service Job Description: Items Sometimes Omitted

A customer service job description should include this statement. “Show customers the same respect when their backs are turned as when you are dealing with them face-to-face.”

Communication Skills: Medical Profession and Customer Service

If you’ve ever had a doctor’s appointment, you’ll love this story. ┬áMy wife, Marylou, had a doctor’s appointment for 10:00 A.M. ┬áBecause we… 0

Putting the “Custom” Back in Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Care Consultants know that the word “customer” comes from the word “custom.” The word ‘custom” has several different fascinating definitions. One of the definitions is that a custom is a “habitual practice” or “the usual way of acting in given circumstances.”

Baseball, Pain, Communication, Trust, and Customer Service

Today, I learned some valuable lessons about Communication, Trust, and Customer Service. And, I learned them in a very unusual way in a very unusual place.

My seven year old twin grandsons had a baseball game this morning.

I chose to stand behind the opposing team’s dugout to watch the game. From this ideal location, I was able to get the best view of Carter and Cooper at bat and enjoy the comfort of the shadiest spot at the park.

During the third inning, the twins were in the field and the opponents were anxiously awaiting their turn at bat. That is except for one eight year old.

Customers Are Never Wrong

“Customers are like my wife. She is never wrong and when she is, it’s my fault.” I know, I’m in trouble. I’m sure… 0

Customer Service: Do You Know What Your Customer Means?

Customer Service sometimes means dealing with difficult customers. Many times they are frustrated because they cannot find the right words to use or… 0

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