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Communication Skills Needed to Land a Job

Communication Skills are featured in an article The Digital Journal published entitled “10 Skills Graduates Can Use to Land a Job in Today’s… 0

How To Become a Professor of Positivity

Positive people produce positive results. Influence others to become positive by displaying your Professor of Positivity certificate. This video reveals how you can… 0

Communication Skills Quote from a Romantic

      Communication Skills means a focus on others.       I received this quote today from Goodreads. I thought you… 0

Communication Skills: Are you a Looker, a Talker, or a Toucher?

  Are you a Looker, a Talker, or a Toucher?     Academics like to throw around words like Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic…. 0

Listening Skills: How To Become Listening STARS

Learn how to become Listening STARS.   This video reveals the importance of becoming Listening STARS and how an Aretha Franklin song spells… 0

Protected: Writer’s Block Trans

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Writing and Presenting – 7Cs for Success

Presenting your ideas on paper, in an e-mail, or in front of a group requires more than having a purpose and knowing your… 0

Communication is the Key

Parenting can be difficult. So can children. But they are the child and you are the adult. If you can relate to this,… 0

Customer Service: Three Telephone Tips Communication Skills Tip # 6

Customer Service, provided on the phone, requires common sense and common courtesy. To save time, build rapport, and provide exceptional customer service, you… 0

Communication Skills Help Desk Tip # 5 Using Voice Mail Properly

Voice mail is a business fact of life. This article offers three suggestions on how to use voice mail as a valuable marketing tool.

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