Business Writing Is Not The Problem

“Don’t these people read this stuff before they send it out?”

Haven’t they ever heard of spell checkers or grammar checkers?”

Folks, the problem here is not Business Writing.

The problem is not that people don’t know how to use their spell checkers or grammar checkers.

Most people were taught how to write. (Remember those horrible term papers?)

The problem is that most people were never taught how to edit.

Most bosses who complain about the Business Writing of the people that work for them do not know how to tell their employees why the writing is ineffective or how to change it.


Because they were never taught how to edit.

They know something is wrong with the piece of writing but they don’t know the correct way to explain how or why to change it.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Can you quickly spot a Nowhere Adverb, an Artificial Antecedent, or a Suffering Suffix?

These bad writing habits destroy clarity, conciseness, and meaning in sentences.

Proper Editing allows you to easily eliminate these pests even if you never remember their ugly names.

Let me prove that to you.

Take the quick challenge below.

In your mind or on paper, rewrite the sample sentences to make them clear, concise, complete, correct, and conversational.

Each example contains at least three common errors that produce lengthy, ineffective, time-wasting sentences.

“I am appreciative of all you hard work.”

“With this situation, there is involved an apparent reorganization of all fifteen departments in the company.”

“In a report to the company president, it was disclosed that profits were low and costs of sales were high.”

“Our manager made a recommendation that we sell the returned goods for half price.”

“It is therefore incumbent upon all employees to put forth their best efforts to overcome the minor problems that beset our company.”

Did you identify all three errors in each sentence?

Did you eliminate at least seven keystrokes in each sentence?

Does your approach come close to the clear, concise, powerful writing that saves time, gets better results, and projects a powerful image of a truly effective communicator?

Most people would struggle to find three errors in each of those sentences or wipe out at least seven keystrokes in each.


They were never taught the fast and easy way to quickly spot and get rid of the writing errors I mentioned above.

I told you that you could become clear, concise, and correct and never remember the names of the writing errors!

Two Guaranteed Solutions

Interactive Workshop

If you want to improve the written documents of the people that work for you, assemble them for my fast paced, highly interactive, three-hour workshop, entitled, The Amazing Power Editing System.

If this workshop does not deliver seven, easy, fast and sure ways to edit Business Writing, you pay nothing.

That’s right.

If your employees do not leave with proven techniques to improve their writing by using these editing techniques, you pay nothing.

By the way, here’s how the workshop setting works.

1.  I reveal a proven editing technique.

2.  I offer examples of how to use the technique.

3.  The participants practice the technique.

4.  The participants receive immediate feedback on their practice activity.

5.  The participants receive follow up resources to reinforce the learning.

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On-line Course and Manual

Same information. Same practice. Same reinforcement. Same follow up.

Would you like Proof?


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