Three Minute Audio Lessons

Improve your business communication skills in three minute chunks.

Each of the audio previews below offers helpful ideas to show you how to save time, get better results when you communicate, or build stronger business and personal relationships.  These three minute chunks come directly from Al’s keynotes, breakout sessions, or workshops.

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Enjoy the lessons.

Three-minute Communication Skills lesson

Why do we sometimes have difficulty communicating with others?

This short audio lessons offers some reasons.


Three-minute Listening Skills lesson

Remembering and applying the lesson on this audio just might make you a better listener.


Three-minute Customer Care lesson

This audio lesson discusses the difference between Customer Service Representative and Customer Care Consultants.

Three-minute Business Writing Skills lesson.

A Positive Approach to Business Writing brings positive results. You heard a lot of negative comments about Business Writing when you were in school. Now learn what they were and what to do about it.


 Three-minute Telephone Skills lesson

This quick, three-minute recording may help you take an inventory of your telephone skills

This Telephone Skills post might also prove interesting to you.


Three-minute Presentation Skills lesson

Discover an audience catching Presentation Skills trick that Jay Leno uses called Planned Spontaneity.


Three-minute Effective E-mail Skills lesson

The effectiveness of your e-mails could depend on the font you use. Listen as Al interviews a technology expert.


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