My First Amazon Kindle Book

Here’s the Subject Line of the e-mail I received.

“Your book is available in the Kindle Store!”

I’m so excited.

This is my first e-book on Amazon.

Please check it out.

If you actually buy the book (It’s only 99 cents) and you find you find one idea that will help you in your business career for the rest of your life, please write a review for Kindle.

Even if you don’t buy it, thank you for sharing my excitement.

If you do submit a review, please let me know so that I can thank you properly.

I have no idea who buys the book, only how many sold.

Here’s the direct link to Amazon Kindle.

p.s. The e-book gurus told me to start at 99 cents as a first timer to create an early following. Later, I can raise the price so that I can actually make a little money.

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