Seven Words To Avoid in Speech or Writing

Your presentations, business writing, proposal writing, and e-mails will produce better results if you avoid seven, overused, and often misunderstood words. We all… 0

Business Writing: A Quick and Easy Trick to Conciseness

Your Business Writing becomes more attractive and more readable when you strive to become more concise. This short video shares a simple technique… 0

An Interesting Way To Start the Week Issue 1

Here’s Issue 1 How Haiku Can Improve Your Professional Skills   Imagine that you just graduated from College as a brand new English… 0

Business Writing Editing

Would you like to have a Business Writing Expert check your writing before you send it? Watch this video and discover how you… 0

Business Writing Tip – Ditch Per Your Request

Today’s Business Writing tip tells why we write. You write business documents for one of five reasons. You write to inform, inquire, include,… 0

Stephen King on Adverbs

Stephen king reportedly wrote, “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” What he really meant was, “The road to hell clearly is… 0

Listening Skills: Five Types of Listeners

Listening Skills seems to be the most neglected topic in most organizations.   To decide if your company or association stresses Listening Skills… 0

Listening Skills and Presidential Elections

Listening skills is a topic I am passionate about. I encourage participants in my workshops and webinars to view Listening Skills as their… 0

E-mail Marketing Mistake

The E-mail Marketing and Internet Marketing Mistake I Would Liked to discuss is “I would like to.” Pretend you send me an e-mail… 0

E-mail Marketing Greeting

Stop Sending “False Personal” E-mail Messages. E-mail marketing is a tricky and exacting skill. Most e-mail marketing gurus tell you to take a… 0

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